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My Poems


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Here are some of my poems! I hope yall' read them, "Dear Love, Dear Love" will be published in a book of poetry called "The Silence Within" due out this summer that i am so excited about! Please click the title to read them and let me know what you think!


"Dear Love, Dear Love"
Dear love dear love
come my way
you fly like a dove
far accross the bay

i stand here in guilt
was it all my fault
please take this house i built
please lie in bed covered in quilts

for you are my life
you are my treasure
i keep you day and night
you are my only pleasure

So, Dear love dear love
come back to me
i will hold you like a glove
you hold my key

David E Trott

Copyright 2001 David Trott

"Dear Love, Dear Love"

"I See You All The Time"